Frequently Asked Questions

What is my youth’s tee time for his/her qualifier?

Scheduling information and tee times are provided closer to the date of the qualifier (usually three to five days in advance). You will be contacted via the email address provided at registration. Tee times will also be posted on each qualifier's event landing page. To confirm your email address provided at registration, please email us at

I did not receive a confirmation email. How do I know if my youth is successfully registered?

Please login to your account on Once logged in, the participants associated to your account will be listed within your account dashboard.

Should your participant be registered for a local qualifier, the event details will be listed directly beneath the participant's profile information as pictured below.

Registered Participant.png
Registered Participant

If your participant is not registered for an event, there will be a message stating "your child is not registered to play a local qualifier" along with a button to "find a local qualifier" as pictured below.

Participant Profile - Unregistered.JPG
Unregistered Participant

Alternatively, you can email us at and we will confirm your participant's registration status.

My youth is unable to attend their scheduled local qualifier. For this reason, I'd like to either withdraw my youth or change their local qualifying site. What do I do?

Please login to your account on Once logged in, the participants associated to your account will be listed within your account dashboard.

If you'd like to unregister (withdraw) your participant from their qualifier, simply click on the "unregister" button, located below their name and profile information, in your account dashboard (see image below).

Registered Participant.png
Registered Participant

Participants that fail to withdraw prior to the day of the competition will be marked with the designation "Did Not Show". Youths marked with this designation will be ineligible to participate until the next qualifying season.

If you'd like to change your participant's local qualifying site, you must first unregister (withdraw) your participant from their current local qualifier by following the steps outlined above. Next, to select a new local qualifying site for your participant, click on the "find a local qualifier" button, located below their name and profile information (see image below).

Participant Profile - Unregistered.JPG
Unregistered Participant

If you are unable to make the necessary changes, email us at

I'm trying to register my youth for a local qualifier and their division is full. Is there a wait list?

We do not maintain a wait list for local qualifying sites. Please check back at a later time to see if a spot in the field has become available or try and find a different local qualifier in your area.

I made a mistake during registration. How do I make changes to registration information?

Please login to your account at and visit your account dashboard to make a change to your registration information. If you are unable to make the necessary changes, email us at Please do not create multiple accounts for your participant by registering with a different email address or by adding the same participant multiple times to your account.

Is my youth in the correct age bracket?

The age bracket is based upon the participant's age as of the date of the current qualifying season's National Finals. Boys and girls will compete in separate divisions in four age categories: 7-9 years old; 10-11 years old; 12-13 years old; and 14-15 years old.

Can I register my youth at more than one qualifier?

Participants may register to compete in only one local qualifier. Competing in more than one local qualifier will result in the automatic disqualification of that participant.

I need to change my qualifying path.

The parent/guardian should login to his or her account at The path for qualifying is pre-determined based on math, which is done to maintain equal numbers of participants in the subregional and regional stages. Thus, your youth would have to participate in the corresponding pre-assigned subregional and regional events should he/she advance from their local qualifier. If you want your youth to attend an alternate subregional qualifier, you must select a local qualifying site accordingly before participating.

Is it too late to register for a local qualifier?

Local qualifiers are generally conducted from early May through late July each year. Registration for each event closes at 4 p.m. EDT five (5) days prior to the local qualifier. Late applicants are not accepted.

Is there a fee to participate in Drive, Chip and Putt?

There is no entry fee for any qualifying levels of Drive, Chip and Putt.

I did not register my youth in advance. Can we show up to a Drive, Chip and Putt qualifier?

On-site registration is not permitted.

Can my youth use a caddie?

Caddies are not permitted at any of the qualifying stages. Only the participants will be allowed in the competition areas.

Can my youth use his/her own golf balls?

Participants may choose to use their own golf balls. Please note, the golf balls can only be retrieved on the Chip and Putt skills. If a participant chooses to use his/her own golf balls on the Drive skill, the balls cannot be retrieved.

My youth does not have golf clubs.

The host site may have equipment and golf balls available for kids of all ages. It is recommended that you contact the facility prior to the qualifier to ensure availability.

What impact does COVID-19 have on Drive, Chip and Putt?

Please click here to view the COVID-19 health and safety information for Drive, Chip and Putt.

Where can I find additional information on Drive, Chip and Putt Rules and Regulations?

Visit the Rules and Regulations page for additional information regarding eligibility, entries, the competition schedule, scoring and competing, gifts and prizes and other competition related items. Please email us at if you have any questions regarding Drive, Chip and Putt Rules and Regulations.

When can I purchase tickets for the Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals?

Anyone wishing to purchase tickets for the Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals must complete a ticket application during the application window each year. The application process typically takes place in June for the following year's National Finals. Additional information on tickets can be found by clicking here.

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