Drive, Chip and Putt Fun 101

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The qualifying season is heating up, but don’t forget to enjoy the moments along the way.

Time flies when you’re having fun!

That’s surely been the case this year with the Drive, Chip and Putt local qualifier season, where thousands of kids arrived at courses around the country ready to give the skills competition a shot.

Some are moving on to the next round of subregional qualifiers, which started late last month in Texas. For others, local qualifying was an opportunity to give golf a try or play, practice and enjoy a game they already love.


What makes Drive, Chip and Putt so awesome is that it provides an opportunity for every boy or girl to accomplish something and, more importantly, have fun!

The next time you head to a Drive, Chip and Putt event look at it through the D-C-P “moment lens.” Each letter represents a different way you can enjoy the experience – regardless of how you play.

Discover Something New

No matter what happens on the tee box, chipping area or putting green, try to uncover something new you didn’t know before arriving at the course. Think of things like:

· Could I ride my bike here during the summer to practice?

· Last year, I was nervous before I hit my three drives. A lot of people were watching! This time, I’m going to take one big deep breath before hitting and see what happens. If it’s not the best, I’ve got two more.

· Can I can play in a league here or do a lesson program with friends? My parents or I can probably ask the pro in the golf shop to see if they can help.

No matter what, you won’t leave the course empty-handed – even if it’s not a ribbon for 1st place, Drive, Chip and Putt can be meaningful for you in more than one way.

Connect With Your Competitors

Like any activity that tests your skills, players can experience nerves. If you’re feeling that way, it’s totally normal because guess what? So is the person next to you trying to chip it as close as they can to the cup, too!

One of the greatest things about golf is its ability to connect people.

One of the greatest things about golf is its ability to connect people. While you’re waiting for your turn with your fellow players, get to know them by asking their name, where they go to school or who their favorite golfer is. Maybe you have some things in common! A good time to try this out is after all three stations are complete and you’re getting your scores tallied.

“It was nice playing with you today! What’s your name?”

“My favorite golfer is Jordan Spieth, too. Where do you go to school?”

Don’t be afraid to make a new friend! You’d be surprised that the other person often feels the same way. You may want to end up playing together again in the future!


Present Mind for Memorable Moments

Sometimes our brain gets ahead of our bodies when we’re playing golf. Case in point: It’s your last putt in the putting discipline and you really want to make it – so much so, that you’re already thinking about what will happen if it goes in . . . or doesn’t.

Even though the best golfers in the world have a ton of talent, the way they operate is by not getting too far ahead of themselves. They might be able to win or maybe are trying for their best finish of the year. Perhaps they’re attempting just to hit one fairway.

No matter the case, they’re staying present. The same goes for Drive, Chip and Putt: Your last shot? It’s already complete, no need to worry too long. The next shot? It hasn’t happened yet, so focus on it upon arrival.

Your current shot? Well, it’s a chance to create a memory you’ll never forget – a gift.

Your current shot? Well, it’s a chance to create a memory you’ll never forget – a gift.

Golf is a game that keeps on giving, and these three tips will help you experience all that Drive, Chip and Putt – and golf – has to offer!

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