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2021 Drive, Chip and Putt Championship

Lucas Bernstein

Fresno , CA
Age: 7 - 9
Gender: Boys
Region: Great Lakes
The Path to the National Finals
  1. Local Qualifier
    Event Completed
    Perrysburg, OH 43551
    Jun 25, 2019
  2. Sub-Regional Qualifier
    Event Completed
    Westfield Center, OH 44251
    Aug 11, 2019
  3. Regional Qualifier
    Event Completed
    Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
    Oct 5, 2019
Home Course and Location:
Fort Washington CC, Fresno CA

Play Golf Right or Left Handed:

Age Started Playing Golf:

Lowest Score Shot (9 and/or 18 holes):

How did you become interested in golf?
Watching my dad on the practice range

Who introduced you to golf?
My dad

Who do you normally play golf with?
My dad and brother

Who is your golf teacher?
Jason Guss, Chris Doos

What do you like most about playing golf?
Being outside in nature and competing

What part of golf do you like to practice the most?

What’s the most difficult thing about golf?
Keeping my emotions under control

What is your favorite club?

What is your favorite course in the world?
Augusta National

What is your biggest achievement in golf so far?
Making it to USKG World Championships 3 years in a row

Have you ever participated in a USGA or PGA of America event? If so, which one(s), when, and how did you do?

Do you participate in PGA Junior League?

Do you participate in LPGA*USGA Girls Golf?

Do you participate in The First Tee?

Local Qualifying Site/Results/Any Memorable Moments:
Getting first place and seeing everyone’s reaction

Sub-Regional Qualifying Site/Results/Any Memorable Moments:
Getting first place again, traveling to Ohio.

Regional Qualifying Site/Results/Any Memorable Moments:
Getting interviewed by Golf Channel, celebrating with my family.

Have you tried to qualify for Drive, Chip and Putt in the past? If so, please list each of the years and previous results:
2017 – Eliminated 1st round, 2018 – eliminated 2nd round

Did you watch last year’s Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals on television? If so, what impact did that have on your participation this year?
Yes, encouraged me to try harder this year.

List from strongest to weakest – Driving, Chipping, Putting:
Putting, Driving, Chipping

Have you ever been to the Masters before? If so, when?

What is your favorite Masters memory? U.S. Open or U.S. Women’s Open memory? PGA Championship or Women’s PGA Championship memory?
Tiger winning this year on my birthday.

What is your favorite memory of watching golf on TV?
The gallery following Tiger at the Tour Championship.

Who is your favorite male golfer, and why?
Brooks Koepka – his strong work ethic.

Who is your favorite female golfer, and why?
Lexi Thompson – kept her cool at a major after getting a penalty.

Who is the coolest player in golf, and why?
Tommy Fleetwood because of his hair.

Have you ever played with someone famous? Who? Please describe the circumstance:

If you could choose to play golf with a dream foursome, who would the other three people be?
Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler, Jack Nicklaus

Do you have any superstitions as it relates to golf? If so, please describe:

Do you play any golf video games? If so, which one(s)?
Golf Clash

What food would you serve at your Champions Dinner at Augusta National?
Steak, mashed potatoes, rice

Favorite School Subject:

Favorite School Teacher:
Ms. Christine Batora

Favorite Sport (other than golf):

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Singer/Music Group:

Favorite TV Show:
Gortimer Gibbons

Favorite App:

Favorite Emoji:

Explain any talents or interests outside of golf:
Engineering, swimming, soccer

Describe any obstacles you’ve overcome in your life:
Sometimes I get nervous and have to overcome that fear.

Hero/Role Model(s):
Mom and dad

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Always keep your word

What do you want to be with you grow up?
An engineer and golfer

Describe yourself:
Friendly, kind, hard to handle sometimes (stubborn), caring, empathetic, hard worker
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