D-R-I-V-E Your Way to Late Summer Success

Remember this acronym when you’re practicing and playing to have more fun, improve your score and enjoy the game more.

There’s been a lot of change this year, hasn’t there? Tournaments we’ve circled on our calendar have been canceled or postponed; we've spent more time away from friends we normally see all the time; and the upcoming school year will look different from last year.

In golf, there are important new safety protocols to follow on the range and course, but the sport is still what we always knew it to be: a fun, sometimes challenging, but always enjoyable walk through nature. We love the game for what it is, and that’s what keeps us coming back!

In this article, we’re going to focus on how never to lose sight of what golf means to each of us – and improve our games at the same time. Grab a pen and piece of paper, and write down the following:

I’m sure you recognize the word, right? It’s “drive” – one of the three key basics of golf, alongside chipping and putting! Now, we’re going to put a word to each of those letters that will help your practice and play.

Determination. When you're playing golf, focus on accomplishing a goal or an achievement. Maybe that’s to hit 10 drives in the fairway during your round, or something easy, like crafting your tee shot routine. Whatever you do, be determined to succeed – it’s a little step, but can really help!

Reflect. This is a great one for our mental games. When we reflect on our good shots, we gain confidence. When we reflect on our bad shots, we remember what we can work on so they happen less often. Don’t overlook good shots and bad shots; reflect on them.

Invite. There are a lot of new beginners out practicing and playing now, which is great. Or maybe you have friends and family members who want to try out golf. Invite them to join this month's #DCPHomeTeam Drive Challenge. You may find they end up loving golf just as much as you!

Visualize. Every time you prepare for a shot on the course, imagine what it’ll look like when you hit it. Think of how two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson plays. He hits some pretty curvy shots, but they work out well because he sees how the shot will play out. Give it a try!

Enjoy. So many rounds or practice sessions go to waste because we get angry at our games for not performing the way we envision. If that’s happening to you, step back, take five deep breaths and smile. Enjoy the game for what it gives you. A positive mindset goes a long way in making golf so much fun!